Big Fish

July 2017

Director Reesa Graham
Music Director Karen Brewster
Choreographer Lindsey Van Buren
Costume Designer Maria Caprille
Lighting Designer Justin Schmidt
Sound Designer Steve Brewster
Stage Manager Jessica Righthouse-Smith
Asst. Stage Manager/Props Karen Robertson
Assistant Stage Manager Avalon Diviney
Paint Charge Leslie Schweiger
Accompanist Chris Hoppes

Edward Chris Gleim*
Will Esteban Suero
Sandra Paula Reed
Josephine Caryssa Murphy
Karl the Giant Will Copeland
Amos Calloway Knute Hernas
Don Price/Dr. Bennett Tony Caprille
The Witch Amy Dawson
Jenny Hill Leslie Schweiger
Zacky Price Zac Welch
Girl in the Water Zierry Tagbas
Young Will Micah Fisher/Finn Shumway